AMC Members-in-the-Spotlight

Wes and Lynda Hopp

Wes and Lynda Hopp


Charter members of the choir, now starting their 47th season.  Met in choir when Lynda auditioned for a committee consisting of  Michael Kemp, director, Wes Hopp and Ginny Falck.  Wes and Lynda were married two years later.

Wes:  Masters degree in music education and taught for 22 year at Carter Jr. HS.   (Lynda says that he needs music to survive.)

He says:  I love the diversity of the choir members

Choral music is my first love (after Lynda, of course)

I Enjoy the process as much as the end  result. Hear how it starts out and how the conductor brings it to the end result.  A musical experience. 

I love seeing what singing means to others in the choir.


Lynda: Has known Randy for 37 years.  She worked for AISD as a buyer.  Her Job description didn’t change but her pay and title did.

She says:  I flat love it

It feeds me

I learn something every time I go.  That keeps me coming back.